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Safe and Secure Email for All Users

LoopMail is safe, secure and never anonymous -- everyone publishes in their real name.  Because LoopMail is an internal messaging system, your email address is always hidden from other users. You may send LoopMail to other registered users of your School Loop site.

Send LoopMail

Click on the LoopMail icon at the top of your Portal Page to view your Sent and Received email messages or send a new message.  You can also view the Historical Archives of messages from previous years on the left hand side of the page.



Click the New Message button from inside LoopMail and then click the TO: link.  Next, choose the group to which your recipient belongs from the Select A List box on the right-hand side of the page. Then check the box next to their name.  You may choose multiple recipients. You can also begin typing the name of the person you want to send the message to in the To: field.  The autofill feature will bring up names you can choose from.


Note: Parents are not able to email students and vice versa. Parents can email their own students by using the Email Learning Management Team link. See the Contacting Teachers Help page for more info. 


Note: For parents and students, the maximum number of recipients for the To and CC fields combined is 50.

Rich Text Editor Feature

LoopMail2 features a Rich Text Editor with a tool bar that allows you to customize your messages much like word processing software.  You can edit the justification, add links, tables, and color to your text as well as many other features.  Check out the buttons on the tool bar at the top of the New Message box to see all of the editing options available.

Sort Your Messages

You can sort your messages to customize your view or to make finding a specific message easier.  It is possible to sort by Date, Sender, Recipient and Subject.  Just click the blue column title at the top of your page to make the triangle point up or down depending on how you want your messages to display.


Receive LoopMail

Messages sent to you will appear in your LoopMail Inbox and, for your convenience, are also forwarded to your registered email address. Make sure that you have added to your address book so that LoopMail messages are not blocked by your spam filters.

Reply to LoopMail

To reply to a LoopMail message from your email account, you must click the large Reply or Reply All buttons in the message itself.

 Reply Loop Mail 2.jpg


Alternately, you may login to your School Loop account and click the LoopMail icon at the top of your portal page.  To reply, click a message title to open it and then click the Reply button at the top center of the page.


When a recipient reads your email, a green check mark will appear next to the users name on the message in your sent box. Note: The green check mark will only appear if the receiver has opened the message from inside their LoopMail account or replied to it from either their registered email account or LoopMail. Messages viewed only in the registered email account will not display the green check mark.

Spell Check

School Loop does not have spell check built-in. But never fear - most modern browsers do and can be used while composing LoopMail messages. For most browsers, when spell check is turned on, misspelled words will be highlighted and right-clicking will bring up a list of suggested words. However, since the Rich Text Editor also has a right-click context menu, it takes an extra keyboard combination to get the browser's suggested words to display.



Here's a guide to the keyboard and mouse click combinations needed to access suggested words for various browsers:


Safari, Firefox, Chrome




Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Internet Explorer 10

Ctrl+right click

Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9

No built in spell checker

For those using older versions of Internet Explorer (before IE 10), you have three options: upgrade to IE10, switch to a new browser, or look for a third party spell check add-on. For many school networks, users do not have rights to install browser add-ons, but for those who do and for those using older versions of IE on their personal computers, we can point you to two options. Please keep in mind that School Loop does not endorse or support any such add-ons and we provide no warranty about the use of these add-ons. With that said, we’ve seen these spell checkers in use and they do work with a varying degree of success depending on your version of IE.

Speckie (

ieSpell (

Auto-Recovery and Timeout Protection

If you are writing a LoopMail and leave the page, or get timed out, when you return to the LoopMail message, then you will be returned to where you left off. Additionally, we've built-in a timeout protection system, that will save your work and prompt you to log back into School Loop if you start typing in a LoopMail form after you have timed out.

Simply click the Login button, to continue writing your LoopMail.