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Tips & Tricks: Add Students to Your Account

If you have more than one child attending the same school, you can access all of their information from a single School Loop account. Having separate accounts for each child means you’re likely to run into error messages when trying to view grades. Sounds familiar? If so, let’s simplify.


1. Log into one of your parent accounts and look for the Add Student button at the top of the right column.

2. Fill out the simple form – you will need your child’s student ID number – and you’re done.

3. Click that red ? link at the top right of any page in your account to submit a help ticket asking School Loop support to delete all of your extra parent accounts.

To toggle your view between children, just click their name in the “My Students” section. In some schools, your account will have to be approved by a school administrator before you can view grades for the newly added students.

If you do have multiple accounts, please send us a support ticket to let us know if there are accounts we can delete for you.