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Tips & Tricks: Weighted Grades

Understanding how grades are calculated when your teacher uses weighting can be difficult. At times, weighted grading seems counter intuitive. To help, we’ve posted a help page explaining how weighted grades are calculated.

Weighting Explained

Even better than that, we’ve also created a weighted grade calculator that will help you determine how and where you need to raise your scores to achieve a desired grade.

Weighting Calculator


Find out where you need to improve by first filling out the calculator based on the grades published by your teacher. From there you can play the “what if” game by changing your average for a given category. For example, what if I raise my average in the homework category from 50% to 70%, what will my grade be?

You can also find out exactly how high you need to raise your average in any category to achieve a particular percentage grade. For example,  if your goal is to earn an A- (say 90%), set the grade value to 90, check the radio button to the right of any category and click the Calculate Weighted Grade button. The calculator will tell you how high you’ll need to raise your average in that category to achieve your A- goal.

Once you know what it’s going to take to raise your grade, talk to your teacher about how you can achieve your goal.