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In School Loop Plus all students are automatically uploaded to the system. However, they must register to receive the daily email, or have access to their Portal Pages. Parents must also register to have an account and access their students' data. Students and parents who have not previously registered, must register. Returning students and parents who were registered last year do not need to re-register.

How to Register

1. Go to your school's homepage. If you do not know your school's homepage URL go to and click on the Find Your School link in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

2. Follow the link to your school

3. Click the Login or Register button

                 Login - Register.png


4. Click Parent Registration or Student Registration depending on which type of account you are registering

5. Fill in the form completely.  You will need your student's ID number in order to complete this form.


* Student IDs can often be found on a student's ID card or report card. Contact the school directly if you do not know your student's school ID.

* You do not need a separate account for each student. You can link multiple students from the same school to one account.  You will be able to Add Students later from your Portal Page.  

* Students can have only one account. There can be unlimited parent accounts linked to a student's account.

* Every account must have a unique login name.

Viewing Grades

Many schools require that your account be verified before you are able to view student’s grades.  Each school has their own process for account verification. Please contact your school directly for help getting your account verified to see grades..

Adding Multiple Students to your Parent Account

Parents can add all of their students enrolled in the same school to their one account. 

Click the Add Student link at the top right hand side of the Portal Page and fill in the form as indicated.  You will need the ID number of each student you want to add to your account.



Q: I am trying to register as a parent or student but it tells me the student ID is invalid?

A: Incoming students and their parents will not be able to register until new schedules have been imported into School Loop. This typically doesn't happen until just before school starts but can vary from school to school. If school has already started, check with the school to make sure your student ID is correct.