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Student Portal

The student portal is populated with a wide variety of content published by teachers and administrators. Parent portals are very similar to student portals.

(1) Icon Toolbar

All user accounts have icons for LoopMail, Lockers, and Calendar, but the student portal also includes the Dropbox icon where a time/date stamped archive of every file submitted online is maintained. Each file is stored on School Loop's system and may be downloaded by the student. The last submitted version of a file is the only one stored.

(2) Academics

All of the grades, percentages and number of zeros are located here. If a teacher has not published grades, you will see "No Grades Published". If all classes show "Grades Hidden", then click the Show Grades button in the gray bar. Click the course score for a course to get a detailed view including the 5 most recently graded assignments a list of assignments with a zero, and a grade trend graph. A link to the full progress report is available here as well. There are convenient LoopMail icons next to each teacher name so you can quickly send any teacher a message. Alternately, you may use the Learning Team link below the course list to send a message to any or all teachers and other members of the student's team. Course titles link to the Classroom. Teacher names link to their website if published. Access to the Zeros Alert!, Prior schedule, and Submitted Work are also available below the course list.

(3) Attendance

The optional Attendance feature displays a student's absences and tardies for the current week by period and/or by full day.  Click the View All Attendance link to view all attendance data for the school year.  The attendance legend is created by school staff and appears on the bottom of the attendance display.

(4) Tasks: Current Assignments

This section lists all assignments that are not yet due. Click an assignment title to see more details. Use the check box on the left to mark assignments that you have completed.

(5) Calendar

Every assignment published by the student's teachers appears in the student's calendar. Other events in the calendar can include events from groups, and school wide events published for parents. The calendar has icons for day, week, and month views.

(6) Classrooms / Groups

Quick links to view the classroom for each teacher, which contains information such as assignments, classroom news, curricular content, and locker resources, and any group the student is a member of.

(7) News

All news published for the student appears in this section of their portal. The News icon at the top of their portal is an archive of all news published for the school year.

(8) Discussions

Just like staff portals, this section of the student portal shows the current replies to discussions in which the student is participating.

Websites (not pictured)

Students may be assigned Editor or Contributor rights to a section of the school website or a teacher's site. If so, their portal will contain a module with links to those pages.